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Our company manufacture and construct an exclusive custumised bicycles, where the client can assemble his own bike with the original design according to his wishes. Rafkarna company was founded in 2015 and within two years the company has developed itself into an European format. At present, the company exports to countries such as Slovakia, Germany or Spain.

IDEA pro bike parts: Editions of the carbon components

In 2016, Rafkarna created its own brand IDEA pro bike parts, which produces carbon rims, hubs and frames. This brand is uncompromising in the quality of its products. A highly resistant carbon composite is being used while manufacturing which ensures excellent characteristics of components IDEA. The material is characterized by high strength and heat resistance, which meets the demanding requirements of our clients. In collaboration with top Czech developers, such as Marek Votroubek, our products are still being developed.

DESIGN: Design and its realisation

Our brand IDEA assembles carbon road and mountain bikes with carbon wheels that stand out not only for its perfect handling characteristics, but also for its original design created in accordance with the requirements of the future owner. The design is made in collaboration with our designer and photographer Jarek Plesar.

RAFKARNA IDEA CYCLING: Cycling team training center

A new cycling team is being created at the moment which focuses on the athletes aged 18 to 23. We are picking riders who have the potential and ability to run in a professional team and who will be able to participate in races throughout the Czech Republic.

RAFKARNA FACTORY bike shop, and a cafe service

In the following year, in 2017, is also scheduled the opening of a new cycling center Rafkarna in Hradec Kralove at Hradečnice in Malšovice. This center will offer salling and a service of bicycles, a professional consultation in cycling or social events. These will be for example opening sessions (this actions are already successfully under way) or projection of cycling races and other events.

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